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How do I upgrade bootloader software on AlliedWare Plus devices?

How do I upgrade bootloader software on AW+ devices?

  1. You can TFTP the new bootloader software into flash ahead of time, then install it from flash when performing the upgrade.
  2. Verify flash contents
    786432  -rwx Jun 23  2016 03:00:16  bl-2.0.16-x900-4F09-D9AA.bin
21118290  -rwx Jun 21 2016 18:29:04  x900-5.4.4-4.13.rel
       1211   -rw- Jun 20  2016 12:00:00  default.cfg
  1. Reload the switch and press <Ctrl + B> when the existing bootloader has loaded
reboot system? (y/n): y
URGENT: broadcast message:
System going down IMMEDIATELY!
        ... Rebooting at user request ...
Restarting system.em buffers...
Bootloader 1.1.3 loaded
Press <Ctrl+B> for the Boot Menu
  1. You should see a boot menu.  Select option 3.
Boot Menu:
  B. Boot backup software
  0. Restart
  1. Perform one-off boot from alternate source
  2. Change the default boot source (for advanced users)
  3. Update Bootloader
  4. Adjust the console baud rate
  5. Special boot options
  6. System information
  7. Restore Bootloader factory settings
  9. Quit and continue booting
Enter selection ==> 3
  1. Select “Y” when prompted.
  Bootloader upgrades are rarely needed and should NEVER be conducted
  without the direct support of an Allied Telesis sales office or service technician.
  Continue? (Y/N) ==> Y
  1. Select option 1
Select device:
  0. Return to previous menu
  1. Flash   (flash:)
  2. SD Card (card:)
  3. TFTP    (tftp://)
  4. YMODEM  (ymodem:)
Enter selection ==> 1
  1. Select the new bootloader file when prompted
  Reading filesystem...
Listing of usable files (root directory only)
  1. flash:bl-2.0.16-x900-4f09-d9aa.bin
Enter selection (1-1, 0 to cancel) and press enter ==> 1
Reading flash:bl-2.0.16-x900-4f09-d9aa.bin...
  1. Verify the checksum values are as follows:
  The file you are about to write to the boot block has these checksum(s):
  Checksum0: 4F09
  Checksum1: D9AA
  Please check these against the file provided, these may be in the name of
  the file, or at the same location the file was obtained from.
  WARNING: Please ensure that in addition to the checksum(s) being valid,
  it is the one intended for this device.   If it is not, the device may be rendered unusable.
WARNING: Older versions of the bootloader may not work with newer products.
  Do not try older versions of bootloader with this product.
  Are you sure? (type "yes") ==> yes
  1. The switch will restart.  Use show system | inc Bootloader to verify the upgrade.
Core#show sys | inc Bootloader
Bootloader version : 2.0.16