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How to register a Net.Cover support contract

How can I register my devices with a support contract?


Net.Cover® provides dedicated and comprehensive support for your network—offering the highest levels of technical support, superior risk mitigation measures and proactive services to ensure high-availability, business continuity, and peace of mind.

Net.Cover service plans extend from the access edge to the most mission-critical core components. You’ll receive support in areas ranging from standard enterprise connectivity to IP voice, video, security and data delivery.

Our multi-level technical phone support, priority queuing, and advanced product replacement are also available in this comprehensive support program.


Different plans available

Available for One (1), Three (3) and Five (5) year terms, Net.Cover provides support options for customers wishing to enhance the features offered by standard warranty alone, to further safeguard your network and simplify your maintenance budget with a single fee.

Net.Cover Preferred, Advanced and Elite support programs are available on current Allied Telesis products. For customers looking for continued protection on End of Sale products, Net.Cover TAC offers access to software updates and upgrades, along with access to our Technical Assistance Center (TAC). To check if Net.Cover TAC is available for your product and to obtain a quotation, please contact your local Allied Telesis representative.


How to register your products

Net.Cover contracts must be registered to activate the benefits.

Customer will receive a Net.Cover registration form from their supplier, detailing the following information:

  • Trace ID (unique identifier to validate the contract purchase).

  • Net.Cover Support Program purchased.

  • Contract Term purchased.

  • Quantity of contracts purchased.

  • Information required to register the Net.Cover contract.

Net.Cover Contracts should be registered with the Online Form Net.Cover Registration or by downloading the “Multiple products form” from the link "download" in the webpage and emailing it to

Online Form

All required information should be provided - missing information will be requested via email by Allied Telesis, causing delays in contract confirmation.
We aim to process and confirm Net.Cover contract registrations within 7 calendar days.

After Net.Cover registration the Allied Telesis Service team will provide the Contract confirmation (via email) detailing the service contract number to be referred to when calling for support.
The customer should call our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and request access to the Software Portal or open a Support case.

Individual products, serial numbers and contract start and end dates are detailed on the support portal and available for selection in support cases.


For more information, please refer to the webpage Net.Cover